The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 3/7/2018

this week's ep of The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour is ready for you right here. lots of really good stuff this week. new music from The Men & Ratboys (who are coming to Rochester in April, SICK), girlfriend recommendations, old favorites, and music by friends.

i've been trying to book a long weekend for Total Yuppies for like two months and it's a ~slow-moving and frustrating process~ BUT the upswing to that is finding new music that u love in those cities. included in here are some of those findings (Brother Toaster & Prior Panic). enjoy / happy wednesday <3.

Brother Toaster - Too Old To Get Stoned
Real Estate - Crime
The Men - Rose on Top of the World
Ratboys - You've Changed
Pete Yorn - Closet
EZTV - Pretty Torn Up
Frank Black - Los Angeles
Sheer Mag - Turn It Up
Dinosaur Jr - Crumble
Palm - Composite
Prior Panic - No Need to Rush
Straw Hat - Tie

Wednesday, March 7, 2018