Numbers - Episode 339 - 2023-03-10

Bardo Pond - Inside (from Dilate 2LP on Matador)

Gate - USA (side 1) (from USA LP lathe cut self-releasesd)

Liam Grant - Rye (from split 7" with Mike Gangloff on Sound-o-mat)

Leighton Craig - Sunseeker (from Logical Descent LP on self-released)

Pierre Henry - Peaceful Dieties (from Le Voyage LP on Limelight)

Bansho Taste - Whites Of The Eyes (from Summer Nights CD on Carbon Records)

The Rabbbits - Wa, Wa, Wa (from the s/t LP on Mesh-Key Records)

Keiji Haino - Part 2 (Live 1973 Milkyway LP on Black Truffle Records)

Greymouth - Toned (from Can Run cassette on Cost of Living)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Memory Is Far Away (from '67-'69 Studio et Live LP on Temporal Drift)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Fissure (from Mizutani LP on Temporal Drift)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Deeper Than The Night (from '77 Live 3LP on Temporal Drift)

Enhet For Fri Musik - Se Dig Om (from Inom Dig Inom Mig LP on Aguirre)

G. Guerrero - Fiesta Coya (from Tahusantinsuyo - Music of the Andes LP on Adelphi Records)

Troth - Days Become A Circle (from Forget The Curse LP on Mammas)

Son of Dribble - A Drop Of Blood (from Son Of Drib Against The Wind LP on Minimum Table Stacks)

Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt, Jim O'Rourke - Tonic 19-01-2001 part 2 (from Tonic 19-01-2001 LP on Black Truffle)

Friday, March 10, 2023