Sex Coach Raquel Savage and Nurse Taylor Caruthers On Sex Ed. & Health Trends

“Sex workers and porn stars in particular are the most on top of their sexual health. They are required for their job to get tested every two weeks, at the least. Before every scene they get tested. So these are people who literally are communicating about their sexual health prior to having any encounter with people and the societal kind of um, belief, is they’re the most 'dirty.' And the reality is sex workers and porn performers get tested the most while the average person doesn’t get tested at all." -Raquel Savage

“Reproductive healthcare is healthcare and we need to stop segmenting it off into this like other dimension, again with the stigma... If you get a physical every year for a job, or you go to the dentists. You get your eyes checked, if you know you can’t see and you want glasses or you want contacts, you go to the eye doctor. If you’re having sex, take care of that part of your body as well." -Taylor Caruthers

We go from national to local in this convo. w/two experts.

Thursday, March 28, 2019