No Labels, Included

Join us on Thursdays at 3:00 pm on WAYO 104.3 for No Labels, Included: the show where we let the audience define themselves.

We focus on intersectional feminism and social justice in culture. Our intention is to create a space to talk about these things with inclusion in mind. We bring inspiration, education, validation, laughs, black girl magic, every week.

Past Episodes

  • Making Power Moves In the Rochester Arts: Interview w/WOC Art Founder Rachel DeGuzman Aired: Thursday, April 11, 2019

    "One of the things that’s critical is to stop listening to any noise from other people…you see the powerful women that are now on Capitol Hill and not really letting people, as much as they’re trying to slap people down and not let them have fresh perspectives, they’re not letting them. I think we have to make that same kind of shift now too, we cannot let people that are stuck in 1980...determine the future of the arts in Rochester, because the fact is, is that... we have voices and now we have space, and we have a collaborative and we’re moving forward.” --Rachel DeGuzman

  • Visual Messengers: The Women of Open Mic Roc On Creating Their Own Lane in Photography Aired: Thursday, April 4, 2019

    “We don’t know how people live unless we go where they live, and most people cannot... I’ve worked with some young gang members, I’ve done the childhood poverty, the homelessness, all of that, and we only know how someone lives when we go where they live. And most people cannot do that... and I hope that I can bring that to people." -Michele Ashlee

  • Sex Coach Raquel Savage and Nurse Taylor Caruthers On Sex Ed. & Health Trends Aired: Thursday, March 28, 2019

    “Sex workers and porn stars in particular are the most on top of their sexual health. They are required for their job to get tested every two weeks, at the least. Before every scene they get tested. So these are people who literally are communicating about their sexual health prior to having any encounter with people and the societal kind of um, belief, is they’re the most 'dirty.' And the reality is sex workers and porn performers get tested the most while the average person doesn’t get tested at all." -Raquel Savage

  • How Fan Culture Is Leading To Inclusion In Comics, Gaming, And Pop Culture Aired: Thursday, March 14, 2019


  • Off My Chest, On the Record: Interview With Self-taught Artist Taurus Savant Aired: Thursday, February 14, 2019

    "Love and heartbreak are pretty much the overarching themes of “Off My Chest” and, to be quite frank, it feels good. I mean, the best way to get back at somebody is to profit off your pain so, I made money off my heartbreaks in particular, so I think I’ll be okay with that!” *laughs* -Taurus Savant of his 2017 album Off My Chest. The album is as full of energy and heart as the artist, who shared about his creative process, sources of musical inspiration, and the issues he finds most important to use his platform for including mental health and community advocacy. 

  • Gentrification and How To Include Justice In City Development ft. Jody Francis Aired: Thursday, February 7, 2019

    “...To me, it looks like, okay, maybe your rich, affluent neighborhoods are getting crowded now, and maybe too expensive. And now you have a whole new generation or, you know, there’s not enough room, so you wanna expand. And…the developers... they search certain properties and certain areas and they look…and they do studies on it…and at the same time, the people there that we don’t want there when we bring in the people that’s going to support all this new building, um, we can send them into this neighborhood over here…we’re gonna take this neighborhood for us."

  • Black Women Roc Comedy! Pt. 3 ft. Yolanda Smilez Aired: Thursday, January 10, 2019

    "Comedy is a male dominated field…and when females are coming on the football field to play football, everybody’s looking at them strange...If you’re a woman and you can handle those positions, they’re gonna always look at you like ‘What? You’re not even supposed to be out here.’ There’s gonna be hate, there’s gonna be things put in place to keep you hung up in the closet just to look cute. And there is a difference between male comedians opportunities and female opportunities...”

  • Single Cat Lady Reads ft. Writer and Book Critic, Hope Worthington Aired: Thursday, December 27, 2018

    “It’s very important in your writing, you know, where you’re ready to share your work...share with as many people, as many different genres, as many different lifestyles as possible… don’t just limit it to the people who you think you’re writing for, because you know, who knows, you may have a wider audience than you think…you may be able to make some tweaks to widen your audience, you know, make it more inclusive,” says Hope Worthington of the book review website

  • Black Women Roc Comedy! Pt. 2 ft. Kai Von Doom Aired: Thursday, December 20, 2018

    “I feel like I’m the Lil’ Kim of comedy..she was very pretty but she still came out like a gangsta…she wasn’t trying to find the balance of being a gangsta and being a woman, she was like ‘this is who I am, I am beautiful, I am sexy, but I am also — I grew up in the hood I’m from the streets’…she was her true authentic self,” new comedian Kai Von Doom says about her creative inspiration.

  • Black Women Roc Comedy! Pt. 1 ft. Ilhan M. Ali Aired: Thursday, December 13, 2018

    "If your comedy is divisive, if your comedy is sexist, if your comedy is homophobic, if your comedy is racist, it's not for any of us," said comedian Ilhan Ali in a recent interview with City Newspaper. We talk about her comedy journey so far, the importance of calling out harmful jokes, and what it looks like to set new standards for comedy performances that allow them to be enjoyed by marginalized audiences. We also get into current events surrounding women and body image, and some of her weirdest comedy experiences.