Alexis Russell, Creator of The Museum of You on Storytelling, COVID, #BLM + Resilience

"The number of people that I’ve spoken to who have had encounters with COVID, and how that just automatically ties right back into the color of their skin. It’s interesting to me that I can pick up the phone and do an interview and the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths is ‘I’ve had the coronavirus and the way that I was treated in the hospital versus other people that I saw there, was horrible...” —Alexis Russell

I talk with Alexis Russell, creator of The Museum of You about the process of collecting stories for her virtual, and soon to be in-person, museum exhibit. The Museum of You exhibit will capture the stories of everyday people of this moment in history. Russell aims to create platform for voices that don’t normally get a stage or an audience, and a starting place for building empathy and healing.

Thursday, July 23, 2020