Pay Me: WOC In Freelancing Talk Money ft. Vanessa Garcia

The Pay Me Series is all about women of color in freelancing valuing our work as creatives (and the ways it is devalued), negotiating our rates with confidence and exactly why we charge what we do. This topic is not new, it's just always relevant!

Our next guest, Vanessa Garcia, is a multidisciplinary artist: a novelist, playwright, and journalist and author of the critically acclaimed novel White Light. When it comes to talking money and freelancing, she has been on both sides of the hiring table.

Vanessa and I talk about how this has made her more compassionate and creative in negotiation when hiring. We also discuss the benefits and challenges of being multidisciplinary artist — both financially and creatively — and what is making her excited about the future of freelance writing for women of color.

Thursday, October 22, 2020