Pay Me: WOC In Freelancing Talk Money ft. Margo Gabriel (extended edition)

The Pay Me Series is all about women of color in freelancing valuing our work as creatives (and the ways it is devalued), negotiating our rates with confidence and exactly why we charge what we do. This topic is not new, it's just always relevant!

Our first guest in the series, Margo Gabriel, of Margo's Creative Life, wears many different hats but describes her niche as “Storytelling around black narratives. That includes interviewing black restaurant owners, pastry chefs, you name it! So, if you’re in the food or wine industry, I really want to hear those stories, and I make it a point that my work reflects that.”

Also, she just moved to Portugal! We talk about how travel is a major inspiration for her freelance career and a part of her writing process. We also discuss the uncertainty of being a second generation USian freelancer without generational wealth to fall back on, what each paycheck really means, and how to go after the projects you want.

Thursday, October 8, 2020