Numbers - Episode 342 - 2023-03-31

Lifetones - For A Reson (from From A Reason LP on Light In The Attic reissue)

Heldon - Northernland Lady (from Electronique Guerilla LP on Bureau B reissue)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Amphetamine A Go Go (from s/t 2LP reissue on Black Editions)

Tongue Depressor - The Reason You Don't Sleep is The Words (from Bones For Time 2LP on Worried Songs)

Bill Nace and Chik White - Pathways (from the Off Motion LP on Open Mouth)

Liam Grant - Rye (from split 7" with Mike Gangloff on Sound-o-mat)

Ethan WL - I Will Arise (from The Pink House cassette on Drongo)

The Shadow Ring - Camel or Carthorse (from Wax-Work Echoes CD on Corpus Hermeticum)

Nod - Something On The Doorway (from Fly, Fly, Fly CD on Carbon Records)

Shirese - I Feel It (from Rose Of Smiling Faces LP on C/Site and Grapefruit)

Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance For Silence Pt 1 (from Zero Tolerance For Silence LP on Coq Au Vinyl)

Bengt Nordstrom - Corsica 2 (from Drastic Plastic LP part of the Vinyl Box boxset on NI-VU-VI-CONNU)

Troth - Dreck (In Solemn Dub) (from Uncut Flowers - Early Tapes and Errata CD on Fordamning Archiv, Australian duo)

Lo Escucho, Lo Pinto - Bandera Negra (from s/t LP on All Night Flight, Chilean 4 piece)

Mahogany Brain - Tongues-Movie : Doctor Cloud (from Smooth Sick Lights LP on Zaius Tapes)

The International Morse Code - Dictation Lesson #2 (from The International Morse Code LP on Smithsonian Folkways)

Galbraith, Russell, Stapleton - Unreal City I (from Urban Psychogeography II CD on Corpus Hermeticum)

Bardo Pond - Blue Turban (from the Vol3 2LP reissue on Fire Records)

Friday, March 31, 2023