Ridiculous Radio Show April 7, 2021

Scorpions - Top of the Bill
Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over
Stan Ridgway - Big Dumb Town
Alex Harvey Band - The Faith Healer
Budgie - Guts
Red Bovine - The Phantom Windbreaker
The Donnas - Zero
Black Sabbath - Zero the Hero
Proctor & Bergman - Sneezers Chicken
Golden Earring - The Vanilla Queen
Cheap Trick - Cry, Cry
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Gotta Get Out of this Town
Karen Lawrence and the Pinz - Fix It
Christine Santelli - Poor Me
Barnes and Barnes - Punk Polka
Frank Zappa - Be In My Video
William Shatner - Garbageman
The Cramps - Garbageman
Ramones - Beat on the Brat
Leo Bud Welch - Don't Let the Devil Ride
David Lynch - Say It
Patti Smith Group - Revenge
Blue Öyster Cult - Revenge of Vera Gemini
Karen Lawrence and the Pinz - I Won't Stop
Rolling Stones - Do You Think I Really Care
Yoko Ono - Dogtown

Wednesday, April 7, 2021