Liminal Zone 004: April 13th 2019

Super solid Spring vibes in the ROC this Saturday, so I tried to keep the vibes a chuggin' on the sunsoaked side of house and techno at a steady 104.3 ;P Lot's of elegant harp pluckin', toasted steel drum, deep azz basslines, and some choice acid house cuts from them enviable early 90s! (oh, and my talkovers are getting better?! whoaness!)
Anyhoots, Thanks Ya'll for listenin! 
rob - low key dj

saint ettiene - avenue
superpitcher - yves
simple symmetry - best ice cream in guwahati
golden teacher - rave instigator
krikor - peage (edit)
lcd soundsystem - change yr mind
massimilliano pagliara feat sigrid elliot - don't give up on love
saint ettiene - filthy
meat beat manifesto - euthanasia
la vampires & maria minerva - supercool
jayda g - unifying the center (abstract)

Saturday, April 13, 2019