Liminal Zone

The Liminal Zone is a place for sounds and songs to collide, overlap, and hopefully fall into sync with one another

In other words, it's a mix show

If you tune in you might hear post-punk become new-wave become disco become funk become techno become electro become jazz become tape hiss noises swelling from a bed of synth waves become cosmiche become britpop become experimental electronic avant garde sound collage become riot grrl become footwork, drum and bass, grime become soul, alt pop become shoegaze, drone, doom metal, mystical folk rock become house become, well, mostly house... I like house a lot, honestly, you'll probably hear a lot of house :P 

You'll probably not hear me talk a lot

Maybe some weeks you'll hear someone else in the studio performing a guest mix and talking with me about what inspired them to create that mix! or just about music, or about a super tasty rad meme, or a terrible movie

Maybe then you might actually hear me talk

Who knows? I don't! I haven't done one of these shows yet!

I hope you tune in and find out what kind of mess this will end up being!


low key dj

Past Episodes