Liminal Zone /// Sea of Sound Guestmix: July 2nd 2019

This is me, Rob, covering for Sea of Sound, since the hosts, Becky and Joe, could not make it in. Their show usually focuses on shoegaze and dreampop, and who am I to change that eh? I Love shoegaze and dreampop! I don't have nearly as extensive a knowledge of these genres as Becky and Joe, but I can certainly try right? Well, anywho! Hope ya'll enjoy!!

Sea of Sound Tuesdays @ 11pm and Liminal Zone Saturdays @ 5pm EST 
BOTH on 104.3 FM Rochester and 
All Shows (and MORE!) are available at my wayofm show page! 
and on my mixcloud!

Thanks as always for turning on, tuning in, and dropping out


Huerco S. - A Sea of Love
Animal Collective - Street Flash
Clams - Shiny Rider
George Clanton - Dumb - Blast Off
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - The Sound Of All Things
The Verve - Already There
Beach House - Last Ride
Fever Disco - Found.... Hovering
Moscow Club - ghost dance
Day Ravies - Fake Beach
Cornelius - New Music Machine
U.S. Girls - Navy & Cream
Lush - Nothing Natural
Tuesday, July 2, 2019