Liminal Zone 020: August 10th 2019

Liminal Zone Episode 20!
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Another deliciously breezy and sunny day in Rochester. Blissed out on riding my bike to the station to lay down them hypnotic house vibes. Lots of hazy stuff, with doses of funk to cut through it all. Hope ya'll enjoy!

Thanks as always for turning on, tuning in, and dropping out
Much Love

Big Thief-Cattails00:08Mega Bog-I Hear You Listening (To The Bug On My Wall)04:07Charles B Barkin-Cape Dorset 207:32PARC-Dream12:12upsammy-Warm Puddles17:47Sui Zhen-The Perfect Place (Roza's Smoke Machine Mix)20:34Jayda G & Laylay-186 Halin' (Loving Myself Mix)24:13Octo Octa-Loops For Healing28:36Sami-Planing33:06Fred-Hollywood Rollin'36:06Zhut & Kapote-So Damn Hot38:01William Dimagio-Steppin' with Friends41:25Katerina Fairlee & Sneaker-Oak45:07Katrina Fairlee & Sneaker-Oak46:10Dukes of Chutney-Jan's Bellski47:54Lake People-You Take Another Place With You51:07Obsolete Transmissions-WAYO-LP Rochester55:16Section 25-Looking from a Hilltop55:52

Saturday, August 10, 2019