Episode 336: Sleep Animals

Aww, Space Cadets, we got some sleepy animals for you today! And some smart animals that definitely know their names! Sooo.... speaking of sleepy, indeed, this episode description is. Ok! This episode, we're talking about how cats know their names and so do dogs, we got a Jack the Ripper Unshelved Mystery (whoosh, there goes the dust), we got a sleep study where you get to choose an animal, we got some great news about a recently developed malaria vaccine, and we got a little teeny stuff on voting! Are your breasts akin to any specific canine breed? Or would you want to do an SoT book club with us? If either/or, drop us a line at jimmyspaceboy@gmail.com!

We'd love to hear from you. Music today: "Rushes of Pure Spring" by Ladybug Transistor.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019