How Nekkid Is Reframing Wellness And Connecting the Roc Community w/Martissa Williams

"The practice of yoga teaches us how to do hard things. The practice of learning how to do hard things and stay in uncomfortable positions is how we get to our best self. Because if we keep just doing what's easy, we’ll get more of what we have. So we gotta start doing some things that are hard.” -Martissa Williams Founder of Nekkid

Martissa Williams recently moderated a conversation sparked by a race controversy and is planning her biggest wellness event yet. The founder of the local intersectional, wellness-based lifestyle brand: Nekkid,  joins us again to discuss all the ways Nekkid’s community element has been expanding. We recap the Roc Girl Panel, hear about the progress of Books and Yoga Rochester and talk about her upcoming Nekkid Day Retreat ( We also talk wellness and social media, and physical manifestations of stress. She offers two simple yoga practices you can do when your short on space or time, to feel more grounded.

Thursday, May 9, 2019