Numbers - Episode 349 - 2023-05-19

Bill Orcutt and Michael Morley - Electric Guitar Duets (side B) (from the Electric Guitar Duets LP on Palilalia)

Bill Orcutt - A Natural Death (from Jump On it LP on Palilalia)

Jon Collin and Niclas Anderstedt Lindgren - 3 (from Dark Country CD on AKTI Records)

Loren Connors and Alan Licht - Part Two (from At The Top Of The Stairs LP on Family Vineyard)

Angus MacLise - Drum, Harmonium, Electric Viola (from Tapes 3CD reissue on Art Into Life)

CIA Debutante - Old Masters (from Down, Willow LP on Siltbreeze)

Chris Corsano - Drums (from QuaranTunes Series no. 003 LP lathe cut on Feeding Tube)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Romance Of The Black Pain Otherwise Fallin' Love With (title track from LP on Temporarl Drift)

Wolf Eyes - Born Liar (from No Answer - Lower Floors LP on De Stijl)

Angus MacLise - Mahakala Puja (from Tapes 3CD reissue on Art Into Life)

Milford Graves, Arthur Doyle, Hugh Glover - Jan 24, 1976 I (from Children Of The Forest 2LP on Black Editions Archive)

Pharoah Sanders - Balance (from Izipho Zam / My Gifts LP on Strata-East)

Mitsuri Tabata - Collapsing Minimal In Adim7 (from Subliminal Skull Palace III CD on Utech. founding member of The Boredoms, in Zeni Geva at a time, Acid Mothers, etc)

Pin Group - Power (Go To Town... LP reissue on Superior Viaduct)

The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else (from Boodle, Boodle, Boodle EP reissue on Merge)

Friday, May 19, 2023