Magic Records Wednesday May 24 2023 UK Psych Pop

Tonight I 'Peel'd' off the shrink-wrap of a great new British Psychedelic Rock compilation I just picked up, plus tracks from some older compilations to offer you a glimpse of what an alternate universe 1967 might have sounded like in swingin London!

Featuring music by Traffic! Kaleidoscope! The Hollies! Tomorrow! The Move! The Idle Race, The Voice! Mike Stuart Span! Nu Tornados! Caleb! The Attack! The Pretty Things! The Syn! Paper Blitz Tissue! Tintern Abbey! Winston Fumbs! The Marmalade! The Spencer Davis Group! Plus a great one from Tina Turner...RIP! Thanks for listening, commenting, sharing, and spending time with me and my Magic Records!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023