Just the Claps 5/30/2016

Some tribute to one person saying Aphex Twin and another person saying Mr. Oizo within 48 hours of one another. Light Acid. Medium Funk. Mucho Weirdo. Same end result as watching as many repeats of the tooting version of nyan cat as you can. At least I'd say so...

Mr Oizo: Last night a dj murdered my poodle (by Herbert)
Matmos: Stupid Fambaloo
Aphex Twin: Funny Little Man
Mouse on Mars: Sui Shop
The Gasman: Fridge
Luke Vibert: Stabs of Regret
Tim Tetlow: Alpha Emotion
Afx: Neotekt72
James Holden: 10101
Wagon Christ: Saddic Gladdic
Ziq: Gob Bots
The Gasman (again sorryy): Electric Coconut
Polygon Window: Bike Pump Meets Bucket

Monday, May 30, 2016