Just the Claps

Let's call it an eclectic mix of groove-centric wake-em-up tracks.

Past Episodes

  • Just the Claps 8/29/2016 : The First Songs Show Aired: Monday, August 29, 2016

    On this show, Luke plays Led Zeppelin twice, makes some rules, breaks the rules, and talks more than usual.

  • Just the Claps 8/22/2016 Aired: Monday, August 22, 2016

    On today's show, Luke searches for an official Just the Claps tag line while serenading the snake lady with some booty shakers.

    Chaos in the CBD: Trust is Key
    Sam IRL: Crunch
    Doc Daneeka: Walk on In (feat Ratcatcher)
    NY*AK + Iam Belvins: Xager
    Zackey Force Funk + Teeko: Out of My Mind
    Wu15: Shanada (feat Henry Wu)
    Fouk: Gruff
    Frits Wentink: Worldwide Deluce Edition
    Mo Kolours: Mike Black
    Harvey Sutherland: Bamboo
    Khotin: Baikal Acid
    Dark Sky: IYP

  • Just the Claps 6/20/2016 Aired: Monday, June 20, 2016

    Low and Slow, y'all.

    Jonwayne - Andrew
    Ripperton, Hemlock Smith - I Don't Know
    Kona - Happenings
    Fulgeance - Velcro
    Seiho - Edible Chrysanthemum
    Kelpe - Chirpsichord
    Gonjasufi - Candylane
    Mux Mool - Hog Knuckles
    Ochre - Blue Hours
    Star Slinger - Sketchy Boys in the Back of the Bus
    Body-San - One Million Brazillion Dollars
    Doc Daneeka, Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug
    Takuya Matsumoto - Seasons
    West Norwood Cassette Library - Queen Bee

  • Just the Claps 6/6/2016: Lourng Sourngs Aired: Monday, June 6, 2016

    So, like, maybe I called Latin music Latino music once or twice. And I probably just said a dumb thing or two (eg. djrum//dj rum?? - guys, it's friggin 7AM and I'm trying to speak to the universe: easier said than done - no pun intended). But, with that being said, there's something super interesting about Villalobos (Chilean) moving to Germany as a boy and getting groovy and Sr. Coconut (German) denouncing the stylistic hallmarks of his people's techno in favor of the Latin flavor. Next show: South Amerika. Fer Sure. Get Excited.

  • Just the Claps 5/30/2016 Aired: Monday, May 30, 2016

    Some tribute to one person saying Aphex Twin and another person saying Mr. Oizo within 48 hours of one another. Light Acid. Medium Funk. Mucho Weirdo. Same end result as watching as many repeats of the tooting version of nyan cat as you can. At least I'd say so...

  • Just the Claps 5/23/2016 Aired: Monday, May 23, 2016

    Just a jar full of pickled beats...

    Long Arm - Fun
    Mux Mool - Galore
    Mike Gao - Shoemaker
    Siriusmo - Rockwurst
    LV - Melt
    Sepalcure - No Honey
    Kutmah+Tehbis - Griots
    Dj Mitsu The Beats - Forest Hill
    Adult Jazz - (Cry for Time Off)
    Ras G - Cuto Loco
    Matthewdavid - Mutant Disco
    Beat Spacek - If You Are My Chalice
    Seven Davis Jr - Traffic
    DJ Krush - Nosferatu feat. Mr. Lif
    Ammoncontact - Stereo-x 5: 15 pt.1
    Skygaze - Call on Me
    James Blake - Take a Fall for me (feat RZA)

  • Just the Claps 5/16/2016 Aired: Monday, May 16, 2016

    TECHNO (???) more like TECHYES

    $$ in the proper order this time $$

    1. Strong Bad E-mail Techno Skit
    2. Audion: Vegetables
    3. Stefan Mallmann: Crispy
    4. Ricardo Villalobos: True to Myself
    5. Minilogue: Hitchhiker's Choice
    6. Tim Green: Mr. Dry
    7. Gui Borrato & Martin Eyerer: The Island (thanks justin circa 2010)
    8. Rekardo Rivalo: Mi Casa Su Casa
    8. Generic Mixey Bits feat. Olderic: Pressure, R. Rivalo,T. Green
    9. Takuya Matsumoto: Be
    10. DJ Haus: Feel It feat. Matrixxman
    11. Les Sins: Bother

  • Just the Claps 5/9/2016 Aired: Monday, May 9, 2016

    layst to foist

    SuperMayer | The Art of Letting Go
    Osborne |Outta Sight
    Stacy Kidd | Yesterday
    Anthony Naples | Mad Disrespect
    Glam Sam | Shake Your Booty
    Clap! Clap! | Kuj Yato
    Arca | Manners
    Maalem Guinia and Floating Points |Mimoun Marhaba
    Kate Simko |Closer (feat Jem Cooke)
    Anchorsong |Eve
    Debruit, Alsarah |Alrahal

  • Just the Claps 5/2/16 Aired: Monday, May 2, 2016

    What is cool, anyway?
    =>last to first

    Electric Eel Shock Slow Down
    Aphex Twin Film
    Braille Breakup
    Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice
    Flying Lotus Parisian Goldfish
    Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade Audio
    MANDY vs Booka Shade Body Language (Senor Coconut Remix)
    Matthew Dear Free to Ask
    Junior Senior Shake your Coconuts (DFA Remix)
    Matmos Spondee
    Nick Nack Soul Nourishment
    Floating Points Esthian Iii
    Autechre Slip
    Dj rupture Reef: Baby Kites and Nokea
    Gil Scott Heron We Almost Lost Detroit

  • Just the Claps 4/25/16 Aired: Monday, April 25, 2016

    Last To First.
    With a guide to waking up at the end.

    Loverboy Turn Me Loose
    Midnight Mike Hot in the Kitchen
    Amon Tobin Stoney Street
    Todd Terje Inspector Norse
    Axel Boman Purple Drank
    Basti Grub Hinter Der Hecken
    Seven Davis Jr Leave a Message
    Pional It's All Over
    Seth Troxler Aphrika
    Moodymann Desire
    Francis Bebey Tiers Monde
    Rival Consoles Recovery
    Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Agua de Beber