Just the Claps 6/6/2016: Lourng Sourngs

So, like, maybe I called Latin music Latino music once or twice. And I probably just said a dumb thing or two (eg. djrum//dj rum?? - guys, it's friggin 7AM and I'm trying to speak to the universe: easier said than done - no pun intended). But, with that being said, there's something super interesting about Villalobos (Chilean) moving to Germany as a boy and getting groovy and Sr. Coconut (German) denouncing the stylistic hallmarks of his people's techno in favor of the Latin flavor. Next show: South Amerika. Fer Sure. Get Excited.

1. Nespole : Floating Points
2. DJ Rum: The Miracle
3. Ricardo Villalobos ft. Sr. Coconut : Electrolatino
4. Shackleton : Music for the Quiet Hour pt. 3
5. Beau Mot Plage (Isolee) : Freeform Reform pts I and II

Monday, June 6, 2016