Episode 342: Misty Cheboygan

We're back and flakier than ever! But the show must go on! So, it being June, we're kicking it off after pre-topic banter (tell me your trust circle stories! 585-542-5502, jimmyspaceboy@gmail.com) with 6 things straight people who go to Pride should know before they do and 4 reasons should definitely go out and support Pride! Rochester folks: look for Ross and his elaborate headdress in July! Yum. Break music is, appropriately, "June" by Camper Van Beethoven and we're back with some eye rolling over the male in Boston who is pushing his Straight Pride Parade nonsense. &%$# that male. Then, what what? Ross has some tips about sex and consent from the kink community via NPR! Hottt. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019