Numbers - Episode 22 - 2016-06-10

Krautrock, modern composer, noise, electronic, and free improv.

Arnold Dreyblatt - The Odd Fellows
Hieroglyphic Being - Calling Planet Earth
Neu! - Hallogallo
Bruce Ditmas - L'Unita
Aaron Dilloway and Kevin Drumm - I Drink Your Skin
Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan - Cabrini Green
Bruce Russell - Mr Chilton, He Dead (excerpt)
Elaine Radigue - Adnos I, mixed with Alvin Lucier - I Am Sitting In A Room
Charalambides - Turning Point
Darin Gray and Loren Connors - The Lost Mariner Part 5
Attic Abasement - A Way
Department Store Santas - Bank Acct
Grails - Back to the Monestary
Neu! - Little Engel
RasG - Discipline09-1
Secret Boyfriend - Little Jammy Center
Chimiddorzh Ghanzhuryin - Gunan Kor
Inhalants - Humid Widow
Stallone the Reducer - Drug Pusher
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - C

Friday, June 10, 2016