Numbers - Episode 331 - 2022-06-10

Kohoutek - Double Star (from the Jurad LP on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube)

David Nance - When I Saw You Last Night (from the Pulverized and Slightly Peaced LP on Petty Bunco)

Heldon - Jet Girl (from Interface LP on Bureau B)

Ame Son - A Coup De Hache (from Catalyse LP on Wah Wah, originally on BYG Actuel)

Chico Magnetic Band - Explosion (from s/t LP on Survival Research)

Heavenly Bodies - Universal Resurrection (part 1) (from Universal Reserrection LP on Petty Bunco)

Wednesday Knudsen - Days of Rain (from Soft Focus: Volumes One and Two CD on Feeding Tube)

Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt - A Port In Air (from Made Out Of Sound LP on Palilalia)

Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction - La Grima (part 2) (from Complete La Grima on Black Edtiions)

Nigel Bunn - Oh Chicken Shaken Now (from Does It Float? CD compilation on Trinder)

Ainigma - All Things Are Fading (from the Diluvium LP on Long Hair)

The Dead C - Bury (from 2LP reissue of Eusa Kills and Helen Said on Badabing, originally on Flying Nun and Siltbreeze respectively)

Alastair Galbraith and Chris Heazlewood - Dark March (from Does It Float? CD compilation on Trinder)

Lard Free - Spirale Malax (from III LP reissue on Wah Wah)

Gray/Smith - The_SSPS / Sad Songs (from s/t LP on Colophon)

Garcia Peoples - Here We Are (from the Dodging Dues LP on No Quarter)

Friday, June 10, 2022