Making Sure the Community Is Good w/Adrian Elim Photog./Filmmaker, Black Pride Founder

"The people around me every day inspire me, like, there are so many amazing — just black people who live their lives…whether they’re like super, hyper-talented, or artists…they’re just living and doing it in such a unique way despite all the things that are, like, set up against them and set up against us and are working to — basically kill them every day, and they still manage to move and style it in such a way which is really, really dope…and I’m just like, 'I wanna demonstrate that!’ …When I shoot things…I want people to see what I’m seeing…I’m seeing us in this very, like, grand, majestic, just magical kind of way, even though we are incredibly human, it just, it looks incredible to me." --Adrian Elim

Local artist Adrian Elim joins me to discuss how his film and photography serves to pour into the Rochester community. We discuss his path, who inspires him, his historic Stonewall: 50 Years Out photo exhibit, creating Black Pride and empowering black positive self-expression.

Thursday, June 20, 2019