Episode 345: Camera Obscura

Smile, you're on hidden camera! Aw, nah... you're not.... unless you're in an Air BnB? Hey, wow, that's right, it's a new Sound of Tomorrow from sunny summertime Rochester NY's finest radio station WAYO LP Rochester! We're out of the gate talking about Ross's travel adventures and then Heather butts in with some info on how to search your vacation getaway for hidden cameras! The Sunshine Fix provides the middle break with "Mr. Summer Day," R.I.P. Bill Doss. And we're back with act 2 and a segment we like to call "Megetable: Fact or Fiction" which turns out to be a true example of how we work to vet our sources. Closing it out with some space news and some kind of psychotic break from the Babe wit the Power. Let's go get that solar sail!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019