Numbers - Episode 335 - 2022-07-08

Dirty Three - Warren's Lament (from Horse Stories 2LP on Touch and Go)

Bardo Pond - Just Once (from s/t 2LP on Fire)

Elkhorn - Fish (from Lionfish LP on Elderdown)

Bill Nace - Live in Jersey City (from Live in Jersey City cassette on Sound Holes)

Jon Camp - Beyond Alms (from s/t CD on Centripetal Force)

Moon Bros - Jitterbug Waltz II (fro Le Has Mystique cassette on Husky Pants)

Operation Segerpil - The Elephant Song (from s/t CD on Forfall)

Surface of the Earth - Sea of Japan (from s/t 2LP on Thin Wrist, originally on Corpus Hermiticum)

Malaku Daku - Gettin' Down In The Hut (from Love Drums From The Ghetto LP on Tidal Wave Music)

Sunny Murray - Invisible Blues (from An Even Break LP on BYG Actuel) 

Don Cherry - Om Shanti Om (title track from LP on Black Sweat Records)

Enhet For Fri Musik - Nattfjaril (from Dokument 1 LP reissue on Aguirre)

The Dipper Stove - Hospital For Defective Children (from The Glass Birds CD)

Mosquitoes - Infinity Fault (from 7" on Digital Regress)

Blod - Tro, Hopp & Harlek / Lust - repris (from Leendet Fran Helvetet LP reissue on Aguirre)

Sabreen - Ya Halali (from Death fo the Prophet LP on Akuphone)

Kim Gordon, Bill Nace, Steve Gunn, and John Truscinski - The Kiss:C (From The Kiss 2LP on Andy Warhol Museum) 

Summer Dresses - Our Own Horn (from In Bed Early cassette on Already Dead Tapes)

Friday, July 8, 2022