Beech-Nut Warehouse July 10, 2018

"When they removed the tumor, it was called Videodrome."


Cheech and Chong-R. Zimmerman-01:40
Hall & Oates-Maneater (slow)-01:54
Ruthless People soundtrack-Give the bag to Bozo-07:06
Giorgio Moroder-Irena's Theme-08:50
Frank Zappa-Are You Hung Up?-12:35
Elvis Presley-My Happiness-13:58
Brian Oblivion-Videodrome-16:29
Giorgio Moroder-The Myth-18:18
Daniel Pemberton-Fugue in D Minor - Ocean's 8-21:48
William Burroughs-You're a Hook album-25:45
Videodrome soundtrack-Bianca -27:16
David Cronenberg-Brian O'Blivion-34:26
Giorgio Moroder & David Bowie-Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)-36:27
Cronenberg film Videodrome-Death to Videodrome-42:58
D. Pemberton-The Spy-45:27
Laurie Anderson-Dial-a-Poem-48:44
Curtis Mayfield-So In Love-50:48
Giorgio Moroder-Leopard Tree Dream-54:15

Tuesday, July 10, 2018