LIVE from the Beech-Nut Warehouse

Original Beech-Nut show was Jan to Nov. 2018:  Weird, random, surreal, with an occasional song for a brief recharge so you can go back under. Always right on the edge of disappearing into the air. Clearly not for everyone. But who knows. ----------- Abandoned warehouses are generally a risk. Nobody really knows what's inside there. (Drawing: Tommy Casatelli.)

Since Nov. 2018 here on the Beech-Nut page there's some random fill-in shows, etc.  

Past Episodes

  • Fundraiser show Nov. 3, 2022 Aired: Thursday, November 3, 2022
    Tim Leary & RevCo - Gila Copter intro
    Iggy Pop - I Snub You
    David Bowie - It's No Game (Part One)
    X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You
    X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial
    Danielle Dax - Bad Miss "M"
    Lene Lovich - Sleeping Beauty
    Al Franken - My Drugs are Red, White, & Blue
    Iggy Pop - I'm a Conservative
    Suzi Quatro - Skin Tight Skin
    Monty Python - Finland
    Angelique Kidjo - Once in a Lifetime
    The Dirtbombs - Kung Fu
    Julie Brown - I Like 'Em Big & Stupid
  • Halloween/Day of the Dead Oct. 27, 2022 Aired: Thursday, October 27, 2022

    Zacherle - Halloween Hootenanny
    Mark Lanegan - Death's Head Tattoo
    Videodrome - Stop That Rot
    Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush
    Deadbolt - Psychic Voodoo Doll
    Iron Maiden - Strange World
    Johnette Napolitano - Unfinished Business 20:44
    Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Come and Buy 27:38
    Concrete Blonde - Snakes
    Tomahawk - Cradle Song
    Ella Fitzgerald - Get Thee Behind Me Satan
    Ted Williams - On the Edge
    Billy Jo Spears - Get Behind Me Satan and Push
    Judas Priest - Burn in Hell

  • Early Halloween Oct. 1, 2022 Aired: Saturday, October 1, 2022

    Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine
    Giorgio Moroder - Tony's Theme
    The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - I Put a Spell on You
    The Shining soundtrack - Delbert Grady
    The Sisters Of Mercy - Gimme Shelter
    Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravedigger's Song
    Diamanda Galas - I Put a Spell on You
    Daniel Johnston & Jack Medicine - Scary Monsters
    Diamanda Galas - This is the Law of the Plague
    John Cale - Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
    Norma Tanega - You're Dead 47:50
    Danzig - Stalker Song
    AC/DC - Night Prowler

  • Sub Job Sept 24, 2022 Aired: Saturday, September 24, 2022


  • Abortion Funeral Rites Music. Aired: Saturday, September 10, 2022
    Teddy & His Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
    Sisters of Mercy - Phantom
    Shannon and the Clams - Do I Wanna Stay
    Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
    The Hogs - Loose Lips Sync Ship
    Other DJ. - Saturday aborted guy
    Girlschool - Nothing to Lose
    Blondie - Europa
    Blondie - Live It Up
    The Sisters of Mercy - Kiss The Carpet
    Ace Frehley - Ozone
    The Saints - Know Your Product
    Television - Venus
    Saturday Abortion DJ. - FREE
    The Cramps - People Ain't No Good
    More Fiends - Yellow Spades
  • Underground Abortion Railroad Aug. 7, 2022 Aired: Sunday, August 7, 2022
    Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine
    Phil 'N the Blanks - Autosex
    Plasmatics - Tight Black Pants
    Public Enemy & George Clinton - When the Grid Goes Down
    Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose
    Patton Oswalt - Unrespectable
    Frank Zappa - Porn Wars
    Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over
    Stan Ridgway and Drywall - Somewhere in the Dark
    Underground Abortion Railroad - Sub Job
    Danzig - Snakes Of Christ
    Leonard Cohen - The Future
    Spore - Fear God
    XTC - Dear God
    John Lennon - God
    Nick Lowe - Failed Christian
  • Saturday Night Abortion Clinic - July 2, 2022 Aired: Saturday, July 2, 2022
    Love and Rockets - Ugly
    Hawkwind - Psychosis
    Barry Adamson - Here in the Hole
    The Raincoats - You Ask Why
    Billy Idol - White Wedding (slow)
    George Carlin - Abortion and the Sanctity of Life
    John Cale - Barracuda
    Saturday night abortion clinic
    Chicha Libre - Sonido Amazonico
    Classix Nouveaux - Is it a Dream
    Barry Adamson - Goddess of Love
    Bryan Ferry - Johnny and Mary
    Yoko Ono - Loneliness
    Robbie Robertson and Leonard Peltier - Sacrifice
    Mo-Dettes - Paint it Black
  • Sub for The Man - May 4, 2022. Aired: Wednesday, May 4, 2022

    Mekons - Memphis Egypt
    Blondie - Detroit 442
    Concrete Blonde - Jonestown
    Eurythmics - Sexcrime
    X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial
    Lindi Ortega - You Ain't Foolin' Me
    Karen Dalton - When a Man Loves a Woman
    Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song For Karen)
    Karen Lawrence and Blue by Nature - It's a Man's Man's Man's World
    Laurie Anderson - Another Day in America
    Negativland - Sign On
    Concrete Blonde - Jesus Forgive Me (For the Things I'm About to Say)
    Patti Smith Group - Pissing in a River

  • Sub Job - All Systems Open - April 23, 2022. Aired: Saturday, April 23, 2022

    Faith No More - Midnight Cowboy
    Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind
    Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn - Fat City
    Tom Verlaine - Souvenir from a Dream
    Mick Turner - Carny's Dance
    Mychael Danna - Exotica
    Alan Vega - Trinity
    Alan Vega - Fist
    Burlap - Coming Home
    Willem Dafoe - The Raven
    Suicide - Ghost Rider
    Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
    Bauhaus - Kick in the Eye
    The Saints - Chameleon
    Reynols - Manorla Acuplemo
    Talk Talk - I Don't Believe In You

  • Sub job All Systems Open April 2, 2022 Aired: Saturday, April 2, 2022

    The Sisters Of Mercy - Black Planet
    Magazine - Goldfinger
    Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Voyage
    Laurie Anderson & William Burroughs - Sharkey's Night
    Bauhaus - In Fear of Fear
    Yoko Ono - My Man
    The Sugarcubes - Coldsweat
    Daniel Johnston & Jack Medicine - Scary Monsters
    Sonic Youth - Shoot
    Alice Coltrane - Jagadishwar
    David Bowie - Nite Flights
    St. Vincent - Candy Darling
    Holly and the Italians - Baby Gets It All
    XTC - Crowded Room