Halloween/Day of the Dead Oct. 27, 2022

Zacherle - Halloween Hootenanny
Mark Lanegan - Death's Head Tattoo
Videodrome - Stop That Rot
Cramps - Devil Behind That Bush
Deadbolt - Psychic Voodoo Doll
Iron Maiden - Strange World
Johnette Napolitano - Unfinished Business 20:44
Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Come and Buy 27:38
Concrete Blonde - Snakes
Tomahawk - Cradle Song
Ella Fitzgerald - Get Thee Behind Me Satan
Ted Williams - On the Edge
Billy Jo Spears - Get Behind Me Satan and Push
Judas Priest - Burn in Hell
John Moran - SUBJECT: Charles Manson
C. Blonde - Scene of a Perfect Crime
Cramps - God Monster
J. Moran - Susan Atkins, on the Staircase of Justice
Tomahawk - Ghost Dance
Robbie Robertson and the Red Road - Twisted Hair
Johnette Napolitano - Poem for the Native
Willem Dafoe/Lou Reed - The Raven
Ministry - Death Toll
Katie Campbell - Mr. Sandman
Alice Cooper - Dead Babies
C. Blonde - Your Llorona
Lou Reed - Halloween Parade
Diamanda Galas - Let My People Go
C. Blonde - Roxy

Thursday, October 27, 2022