Why the Tech Industry Needs More Women Like Us

“I have a reputation of being expected to come into spaces and being very disruptive um, and being very honest. Now I’m building my consulting business. I’m helping tech leadership…it’s business strategy, I don’t call myself an inclusion and diversity um, specialist or anything because inclusion and diversity should be in the DNA of your company, it shouldn't be some siloed office or somebody -- one person’s responsibility, everybody in the organization should be working for inclusion and diversity.” -- Kim Crayton

A business strategist in the tech industry, speaker (at over 50 conferences) and founder of #causeascene, Kim Crayton has an abundance of knowledge on what makes businesses in the information economy run -- and what makes them fall apart. Kim joined me to discuss her work in coaching tech business leaders on the importance of inclusion and diversity and how to make it a part of their strategy in ways that actually matter to black women.

Thursday, July 11, 2019