Episode 348: I Remember Penfield

Whoo-wee Space Cadets, are you ready for a.... show? Fun BTS fact: I wrote some of my grade school friends about "I Remember Penfield" last night and Leigh was able to fill in the last verse I'd forgotten. I remembered the first line and then it turned into "Puff the Magic Dragon." But don't worry! I still remember "I Like Being a Kid" in full. Somebody help me. Childhood trauma aside, in today's new SoT, we're talking anti-racism, we've got some Backlash early pages book discussion, and hey, Henrietta did a pretty nice thing, eh? After The Magnetic Fields doing "When My Boy Walks Down the Street," it's time for HOT PICKS! And then that article about finding a new doctor we kept saying we were going to talk about. Yah.*

*At the end of most grade school choir songs, they made us do this move where we stretched out our right arms and flipped our hands and said "yah" dramatically. Whyyyy, Penfield Central Schools, whyyyy?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019