Episode 401: Light N Breezy

Space Cadets, we have a super special Sound of Tomorrow DJ mix as DJHZ is joined by the lovely and talented Austin Rich. And we're putting together light and breezy summertime mix for you. Be sure to check out more of the cool stuff Austin is up, to, too! 


1. The Squires of The Subterrain --- SoT Theme Song
2. Saints   --- The Breeders
3. Swimming Hole  --- Roger Greenawalt and EK off McSweeney's 6
4. Don't Touch My Bikini   ---- The Halo Benders
5. Clean up on Aisle #9 (Turn Up The Monitors) --- Man.... or Astroman  
6. Beach Song --- The Dead Milkmen
7. Club Med Sucks --- Camper Van Beethoven
8. Ballad of Bonneville   --- Don Brandon
9. Alien Girl --- The Crabs
10. Throw Another Log on the Fire --  Hank Hardwood
11. Stupid Day Job --- Wally Pleasant
12.  Squires --- SoT Outro
13. Niddy Griddy Band --- Summertime
14. Pugwash --- The Perfect Summer

Wednesday, August 12, 2020