Numbers - Episode 341 - 2022-08-19

Bardo Pond - Yellow Turban (from Amanita 2LP on Matador)

The Dead C - Now I Fall (from Eusa Kills 2LP reissue with Helen Said This on Badabing)

Stefan Christensen - 8/15/19 The Liquor Store Rochester, NY (from the Two Live II cassette on C/Site Recordings)

Quit - Bleeding (from the 7" compilation self released by the bands involved)

The Smashchords - Brand New Rambler (from s/t EP on Smashtrade Records)

Chik White - yX3-rat, etc (from split cassette with Hermit & Mildred Hurtful on Scream & Writhe)

Daniel Carter, Bill Nace, Samara Lubelski - Live At the Glove (from 7" on Open Mouth)

Paul Flaherty and Randall Colbourne - Among The Dancers (from the Razor Blue LP on Tulpa Productions)

Sun Ra - Nuclear War (from Nuclear War CD reissue on Unheard Music Series)

Lonberg-Holm / Sonderberg - 1 (from Play Music Of The Late Romantics CDR on Longbox Recordings)

AK Musick - Hava (from s/t LP on Mental Experience 1972)

Amidea Clotet - Mete EL Pan En La Lavadora (from Trasluz CD on Relative Pitch)

Yamash'ta & The Horizon - Sunrise From West Sea Part:1 (from the Sunrise From West Sea LP reissue on Wewantsounds 1971)

Amon Duul - Paramechanische Welt (from Paradieswärts Düül LP reissue on Wah Wah)

John Truscinski - August Closer (from Bridle Path LP on Open Mouth)

The Velvet Underground - Rock 'n' Roll (live) (from the Live at the End Of Cole Avenue in Dallas Texas 1969 on Radio Loop Loop)

Surface Of The Earth - Arc (from s/t 2LP on Black Editions)

XV - Dixie Cup (from Basement Tapes LP on Half A Million Records)

Joe+N - The Deepest (from split CD with Ankylosaurus Willfully Ceased To Exist on Carbon Records)

Bunalim - Yeter Artik Kadin (from s/t LP on Pharaway Sounds)

Sosena Gebre Eyesus - He Died For All (from s/t LP on Little Axe)

Chris Forsyth - Experimental & Professional (from Evolutuion Here We Come 2LP on No Quarter)

Friday, August 19, 2022