Numbers - Episode 343 - 2022-09-09

More Klementines - Hot Peace (from Who Remembers Light LP on Feeding Tube and Twin Lakes)

Bill Orcutt - At a distance (from Music From Four Guitars LP on Palalalia)

The Jonny Halifax Invocation - Invocation of the Beasts (from Acid Bluus Raags Vol 1 LP on Green Noise and God Unknown)

Jon Collin - Nothing III (from Water and Rock Music Vol 5-6 LP on Feeding Tube)

Thurston Moore and John Moloney - untitled (from Caught on Tape LP on Feeding Tube and Manhand)

Tomoyuki Aoki and Harutaka Mochizuki - A Lesson in Jumping II (from s/t reissue LP on Nashazphone, orig from 2014. Tomoyuki is from Up-Tight)

Peter Brotzmann / Keiji Haino Duo - The Beginning or The End Which Will Be The First To Admit Its Opponent? (excerpt) (from The Intellect Given Birth To Here (Eternity) Is Too Young boxset on Black Editions)

Paul Flaherty and Zach Rowden - Thrown Shadows (from As Far As Death LP on Family Vineyard)

Eric Arn and Eyal Maoz - Luminous Motion (from Kost Nix CD on Feeding Tube)

JarnaKollektivet - untitled (from Vol 4 Healing cassette , self-released)

Jon Collin - Arstabron Arch no 2 (from Bridge Variations LP on Discreet Music)

Amateur Hour - Utan Andetag (from Krokta Tankar Och Branda Vanor 2LP on Appetite)

Movietone - Noche Marina (from Day and Night CD on Drag City)

Ryley Walker - A Choir Apart (from Golden Sings That Have Been Sung 2LP on Dead Oceans)

Dredd Foole and Ben Chasney - Fly (from Drunk With Insignificance LP on Feeding Tube)

Elkhorn - Distances (title track from LP on Feeding Tube)

Friday, September 9, 2022