Episode 356: Big Beastie Knowledge

Why isn't this ep called Wilderness Tips, you ask? Because, ages ago, I'm pretty sure we had one named that after a Margaret Atwood book I no longer own, alas! Still---we got a kicker of a skit for you today, Space Cadets, ukes and everything for YOU! Then we're talking Green Army Men AND WOMEN (and also Enby soldiers, too, naturally!), residential Facebook sites (Welcome to city living, jerks!) and, frighteningly, a plan to monitor people with mental illness to prevent mass shootings (no..... please, no.). After "Bassam Sabry" (clap clap) by Of Montreal, we're back with Hot Picks and Gay Jeans! I mean, Genes..... 

Note--the image here is my favorite White Ninja comic ever. Stink! <3

Wednesday, September 11, 2019