Eliminating Barriers to Healing In Roc w/Yoga 4 A Good Hood's Imani Olear and Marissa

"Sometimes I actively work to challenge that idea of 'flow...' I could not detest the word flow associated with yoga more, because it compromises the actual postures in peoples bodies, because nobody's body moves the same. Even if you... have no issues that you're currently dealing with, your body doesn’t move like my body." --Marissa Bland

Yoga 4 A Good Hood founder Imani Olear and teacher training facilitator Marissa Bland are ushering in a new generation of yoga teachers and changing the way a typical class looks. The pop-up, sometimes-yoga-studio that shares a space with the Reformation church in Rochester, has expanded into regularly scheduled daily classes, the H.O.O.D. tales podcast and has led to major partnerships and Olear's recent takeover of Tru Yoga Studio. All of this centers people of color and those w/economic disadvantage. The two women join me to share their story, the storytelling and healing methods hidden within the yoga poses, and exciting upcoming events.

Thursday, September 19, 2019