Celia Cruz, Sharing Afrolatinx Culture, and Climate Change, Ft. Jerri Ann and Lecora

"There are artists -- even American artists -- who will easily assimilate. Especially in that time period, they did what worked. They tried not to draw too much attention to their color...their otherness...but Celia Cruz...she owned it, and she loved it and she celebrated it...I've always loved that about her." -- Lecora

Latinx people feel included in Black culture, how included do we feel in theirs? In this throwback edition episode Jerri Ann, Lecora and I remain true to form taking it "there" as we discuss the Celia Cruz telenovela, her presence in our lives, and the challenges that come with sharing cultures. We also talk about climate change and the future of our planet. So a light episode? Ha. Listen for music sprinkled throughout!

Thursday, October 3, 2019