the form of space

comets and planets, sound and light, buzzies and fuzzies, swirling in space, falling parallel to eventually, hopefully - gosh, i sure hope they do - meet. i mean, this can't go on forever....can it?

italo calvino's 'the form of space' layers looped lingual lines from - look, over there! - way out in the WAYO universe, clashing into drifting visitors: dylan niver (trumpet and eye contacting), susie moore (speaking and harmonizing), host of WAYOPlay ray ray mitrano (coughing and plucking), brian blatt (glitter and science), and all-around-WAYO-guy maxwell kelley (fluting, leveling, reading, and being).

attempting to keep the WAYO universe in orbit with a gravitational-donational push from you (yes, you!) at

Sunday, October 21, 2018