planet person

planet person is a once monthly show from 10-11 in the morning of a sunday, making room for the intuitive, the noisey, the dreamy mouth mumblings, the mouse crawling beneath the floorboard, the buzz of an electrical socket, the creak of a door when leaving for a walk after waking up in the middle of the night from dreaming that you woke up to leave to go for a walk after waking up in the middle of the night from dreaming that you woke up to leave to go for a walk in a dream, the inside of a pocket, the top of a cloud, the scratching sound from that time you picked your nose and thought nobody saw you but the guy across the street totally did and you wonder if you'll ever see him again because rochester is a kind of small city but at least you kind of look like all the other people your age wearing a striped shirt with bangs so maybe you're good but also it doesn't matter because you know he's totally picked his nose before too, the collective ghost noises of all of the bugs you have killed (especially intentionally), the last voicemail your mom left you, that thing that happens when two ceramic mugs clank together just right, the squeak of a voice at 10 in the morning when the only other words you've spoken are a meek hello to the neighbor walking their dog on your way out of the door, etc.

Past Episodes

  • the form of space Aired: Sunday, October 21, 2018

    comets and planets, sound and light, buzzies and fuzzies, swirling in space, falling parallel to eventually, hopefully - gosh, i sure hope they do - meet. i mean, this can't go on forever....can it?

  • intensified sky Aired: Sunday, September 23, 2018

    have you forgotten about the air? the stuff that we swim in? can the air forget about us? is there even a difference between us and the air? have you remembered to breathe big today?

    excerpts from david abram's 'the spell of the sensuous' and a phone call to rainer maria rilke guide us through the sky and into the inner - what is it? - or something, or nothing, and everything.

    special guests brian blatt and susie moore of rochester, ny collaborate with the musings and the floozings, the wordsing and birdsing, the breathing and the sighing, the being and the doing.

  • in utero Aired: Sunday, August 26, 2018

    what happens if we return to the state from which we came? when we understand the internal landscape of our body? did my radio just fuzz out or was that....? is this what it sounds like on the moon?

    brian blatt and alexandria mockbee explore tactile qualities of sounds with a cello and wavelength disturbances, with selected excerpts from nor hall's 'moon & the virgin' textured in.

  • rattlesnake dinner Aired: Sunday, July 29, 2018

    exploring the liminal space between identities, between land and water, learning to comfortably rest as a shapeshifting protean being, a cloud in the air.

    readings from gloria anzaldua's 'borderlands/la frontera: the new mestiza' weaved with improvised spoken word by alexandria mockbee.
    special guests sam snyder of rochester, new york on fingerplunck, and kevin bloom of burlington, vermont with additional sounds, singing, hand friction, and murmurs.

  • color science Aired: Sunday, July 1, 2018

    a cello dances with colors, haikus, tape cassettes, scribbled notes on torn pieces of paper, a pocket-sized love-bound book from desert travels, and other improvised doings.

    live sound manipulation and mouth words from special guest brian blatt of rochester, new york. cello pre-recorded played by alexandria mockbee through brian blatt's science.