FFRW 18 Beginning of November

Seven days and seven nights  I dreamt a sailor's dream of me
You must sprinkle dust all around my bed  You musta had a black cat bone
Inside your pretending  Crimes have been swept aside
Til I wake you ghost.  Let him walk down your hallway
Madness in the wind's got something to say
I've got a crystal ball and a divining rod  Magnifying glass and a pack of dogs
Uncle Bill, well, he took ill, and they sent for me to come
Well, I had to pass by the old graveyard so I went on the run
Well I come in on a night train  With an arm full of box cars
On the wings of a magpie  Cross a hooligan night
In the moonlight's ghostly glow  I waken in a dream
Once more upon that raft I stand  Upon a raging sea

Tuesday, November 5, 2019