Numbers - Episode 198 - 2019-11-15

Xylouris White - Ascension
Bill MacKay and Katinka Kleijn - A Series of Doors
Pete & Royce - Its So Unreal
The High Sheriffs - Truth is Rambling
Back Ground Music - Neo Dancer
Kim Gordon - Sketch Artist
Lee Ranalado - Smoke Ring #5
Thurston Moore - Earth/Amp
Cyrus Pireh - Thank You Guitar
Decimus - Morning and Evening Ragas
Jon Collin - From a Petrified Forest
No-Neck Blues Band - Fino Alla Strada Vecchia
KK NULL and Balazs Pandi - Live at OCCII
Lightning Bolt - Blow to the Head
Kenji Haino, Merzbow, Balazs Pandi - Become the Discovered, Not the Discoverer
Kuzu - Spilled Out
Grandmaster Masese - Live
Charles Rumbach and Ryley Walker - Idiot Parade
Bardo Pond - Sangh Seriatim


Friday, November 15, 2019