A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #2

Manson Family - Ride Away RetroStep remix
Mighty Boosh radio show clip
Russian Sleep Experiment - creepy pasta clip + A$AP Rocky - Fuckin' Problems instrumental
Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht - Die Moritat von Mackie Messer
Michael Parenti radio clilp on Dalai Lama + Future Sounds of London + Comedy Bang Bang - Put Tibet to Bed
the People's Temple Choir - Something's Got Ahold of Me
Reading from Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species + Knights Templar Chants
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm + Da Bush Babies - We Run Things acapella
Transmission from "Aliens" on British TV
Notorious B. I. G. vs. Michael Jackson masup
Ravi Shankar - Parbhujee + Alan Ginsberg reading America
Billy Bragg - Power in a Union
Magma - Sckxys
Diplo - Revolution
Kae Biz - She's Alive + Lowkey acapella

Tuesday, November 17, 2015