Episode 315: Golden Record

Space Cadets, HZ here. So, the record wasn't the thing with the drawing of the naked people on it; the naked people are on the Pioneer Plaques from the Pioneer 10 and 11 launches. So, yeah, I'd been saying a plaque would be less weird! And I was right! BUT--credit where it's due, I'm not the one who just wanted the entire damned Voyager documentary AND bought his husband a replica of the golden record (The Sounds of Earth, it's called, turns out. Have fun building your Crosley replica, extraterrestrials!) so, ummm. ANYWAY! Today we're coming at you with Space News! Holiday decor tips from the White House! And Opinion Studies! Did we mention it's also very cold? xoxoH

TMBG DAS: Door to Door Minotaur

Wednesday, November 28, 2018