FFRW 22 May 89 MXD tape

It sounds simple
It is not simple
but it is easy...

?                                   Receiving Love
Sonic Youth                         Elimination Jr.
Elvis Presley                      Any Way You Want Me
Tom Waits                           Gin Soaked Boy
East Road Basement band            Gimme More
Sly And The Family Stone           M'Lady
Tom Tom Club                       Challenge of the Love Warriors
Buzzcocks                           Automony
?                                   I'll Behave
Bryan Ferry                         Same Old Blues
Joy Division                       Ice Age
Human Therapy                      No More
Madonna                             Like a Prayer (edit)
Black Flag                          Beat My Head Against the Wall (edit)
Me                                  Two U
Leadbelly                           Alberta
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp        Maquillage
The Replacements                   Unsatisfied
Tom Waits                           Frank's Wild Years
H.R.                                Luv Ain't Crazy
H.R.                                No Return
Suzanne Vega                       Solitude Standing
Dinosaur Jr.                       Pond Song
Oingo Boingo                       Insects
Tuesday, December 3, 2019