The Red Side TAKEOVER of Zug Island Wildlife Survey

Today we dip into the local scene, again, by highlighting a mix by the Red Side. The mix is an exploration of heavy post dub-step, techno and experimental sound work. I had an opportunity to interview The Red Side over the weekend and hear his insight on process, tempo and also his podcast series. The interview appears after the mix.

The Red Side - Hidden Feelings (Excerpt) - 00:00
The Red Side - HAHO Onto Zug Island - 02:10
Technology Scum - Unwanted Tree Removal 3:00
The Red Side - I'm Ash and You're the Alien 6:00
Technology Scum - 80s Depression 12:00
Technology Scum - Ice Generation 13:06
Technology Scum - Listen You F*&$ 16:33
The Red Side - Interruption of Transmission 17:10
The Red Side - An Atomic Red World 22:50
ESADYC - Cult of Asus 30:31
Technology Scum - Empty Sidewalks 36:30
Technology Scum - Gubbed 40:26
The Red Side - Interview 47:30
(background music) AF- Trapped In A Fold Of Mind

Sunday, December 4, 2016