The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 12/12/2018

today's episode of the One Good Do -- wait, WHAT!? The TWO Good Dogs Garbage Pop Radio Hour is here for you now! Piper joins me for the second time and we talk about my childhood dog, the perils of being a renter, and we premiere the first edition of The One Good Dog ASMR Radio Hour. if you want a pretty earnest look into our relationship, here it is! love you! thanks for listening <3.
Mcbaise - Le Jardin
(Sandy) Alex G - Sportstar
Gleemer - Lily
Renata Zeiguer - Bug
Shannen Moser - Every Town
Frankie Broyles - Seward Park
The Mountain Goats - We Do It Different on the West Coast
Twin Peaks - You Don't
Fog Lake - Stars
Pity Sex - Dogwalk
Wednesday, December 12, 2018