Decades and Maybe I'm Wrong - 2018-12-18

Duke Ellington    -    Jeep's Blues
Duke Ellington    -    House of Lords
Earle Brown    -    Folio
Coltrane/ Hartman    -    They Say it's Wonderful
Brother Clark    -    Send in the Holy Ghost
John Cage    -    Music for Eight/ Ensemble Avantguard
Bob Dylan    -    Idiot Wind (NYC Sessions
Roscoe Mitchell    -    Olobo
Eric Dolphy    -    L
Eric Dolphy    -    Left Alone
Pretenders    -    Precious
Helen Mirra    -    Drawing
Maybe I'm Wrong    -    WAYO-LP Rochester
Schoenberg    -    Pierrot Lunaire 16
Sun Ra    -    Somewhere in Space
Fred Frith    -    Hollow Music
Nurse With Wound    -    Prelude to Alice the Goon
MGMT    -    SIberian Breaks
Tracie    -    The Same Feeling But Without The EMotions
Chicks on Speed    -    Turn of the Century
Agathocles    -    Repulsione
The Metamatics    -


Tuesday, December 18, 2018