Numbers - Episode 47 - 2016-12-23

Wacky Christmas/Holiday Music show, with guest DJ Joulupukki

Joe Tunis and DJ Joulupuuki - intro
Dj John    -    Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown
Crucial Youth    -    Santa Claus is Coming
Anita Kerr Singers    -    The Bell that Couldn't Jingle
Elf Elf and Dokim    -    My Christmas Bells
AndyExpandy    -    RudolphLOL
Butter Beans and Susie    -    Papa Ain't No Santa Claus
Dies Irae    -    SIlent Night
Cock ESP    -    untitled xmas massacre
AKIM and the Teddy Vann Production Company    -    Santa Claus Is A Black Man
The Goblins    -    HaHa Hannukah
Bathtub Shitter    -    Little Drummer Boy
John Fahey    -    Christ's Saints of God Fantasy
Dressy Bessy    -    All the Right Reasons
Melt Banana    -    White Christmas
RIAA    -    Six Million Dollar Man
Bubbly Fish    -    Sleigh Ride
Rotary Connection    -    Silent Night Chant
Nightmare Band    -    The Nightmare
Commander Cody    -    Daddy is Drinking Up Our Christmas
Hybrid Kids    -    We Three Kings
King Diamond    -    No Presents For Christmas
Quad City DJs    -    What Do You Want For Christmas?
Culturcide    -    Depressed Christmas
Milese Davis    -    Blue Xmas
Culturcide    -    Depressed Christmas
Miles Davis    -    Blue Xmas
The Go Go's    -    I'm Going to Spend My Christmas Dalek
Eye Heart Lung    -    Carol of the Bells
Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards    -    Hang Your Balls on the Christmas Tree
John Fahey    -    Joy to the World
Coldcut    -    Christmas Break
Happy Flowers    -    All I Got Were Clothes for Christmas
Joseph Spence    -    Santa Claus is Coming To Town
Sun Ra    -    Its Christmas Time
Kid Icarus    -    Last Christmas
Killdozer    -    The Little Town of Deathlehem
Jimmy Butler    -    Trim Your Tree
Dynamics II    -    Decks the Halls of Bass
Children’s Psychiatric Hospital Band - Jingle Bell Rock

Friday, December 23, 2016