Fast Forward / Rewind

Fast Forward to Future Frequencies
Rewind to the Rhizomes of Rhythms past
Tune in to music I just discovered
  whether it was released yesterday
    or before you and I were born
   Spoken words every week
An eclectic musical adventure awaits…

Past Episodes

  • FFRW 3 Chanting in Candles and Incense Aired: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
    You might not wanna give me the time of day
    But I've got your little image on my alter anyway
    If I thought love charms and spells would work on you
    Chanting in candles and incense would be all I'd ever do
    When I see your politely smiling face all my well rehearsed lines vanish without a trace
    How can I show you my soft and sinewy grace?
    I know I could win you if I could find the time and the place
    My Queen, Sweet Queen Turn my milk to cream
  • FFRW 2 Hymns to Her Aired: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

    Though Eve was made from Adam's rib
    Nine months he lay within her crib
    How can a man of woman born
    Thereafter use her sex with scorn?
    For though we bear the human race
    To us is given but second place
    And some men place us lower still
    By using us against our will
    If we choose to walk alone
    For us there is no safety zone
    If we're attacked we bear the blame
    They say that we began the game
    And though you prove your injury
    The judge may set the rapist free
    Therefore the victim is to blame

  • FFRW 1 Hims Observed Aired: Tuesday, July 2, 2019
    You'd just say the same old thing
    That you be sayin' all along,
    Just lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut, Till I'm gone.
    Don't give me that old familiar cry and fuss and moan
    I'm tired of your bad-mouthin', Understand your man.
    I been brain-fried, electrified, 'fected and injectified
    Vivisectified and fed pesticide
    My face is all cut up, Cause my radar's all shut up
    Nurse, I need a check-up from the neck up I'm Batty!
    It seems to have no effect, Doctor...
    Get me another one. Get me another animal!