Feedback Deficiency

"I'm constantly introduced to music I've never heard before," says Feedback Deficiency host Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, who going on 14 years now has covered a variety of genres for outlets like Pitchfork, Paste, MTV Iggy, Diffuser, Spin, Noisey, Alarm, Ultimate Classic Rock, Nashville Scene and several outlets throughout the New Times/Village Voice chain. Prior to that, Saby worked as a recording engineer and as in-house sound tech at nationally venerated Rochester club The Bug Jar, which exposed him to band after band touring the indie/underground circuit in the late '90s.

"I can't possibly write about everything I get exposed to, so doing this show gives me a chance to share more music a wider audience. The challenge is to take all the disparate stuff I like and present it in a way where it doesn't sound jumbled together. The show's eclectic, but I'm really trying to stress continuity and flow. If I just took everything I like and threw it together I think people would get whiplash. But I really like creating a coherent mood out of parts that wouldn't necessarily fit together. I also love presenting lesser-known stuff by household names right alongside artists who are recognized on a smaller scale -- and finding common threads."

"Back in the cd era when home-recording software got really popular, I got into making mix cds and I got obsessed with song transitions. I've never really stopped making these really fine-tuned mixes where I labor over the song order probably past the point that's healthy! But crossfades, manual fades, segues, the way one song makes an entrance while another exits... to me there's infinite beauty in that, and I really strive to get that across with this show." @feedbackdef @sabyrk_

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